We are Sign Post Kids



Hannah, age 16, enjoys dancing and loves twirling on her pointe shoes – especially while preparing meals in the kitchen. Pasta is her go to food topped with a flavorful marinara sauce which may be the reason why red is her favorite color. Her experience on YouTube has inspired her to pursue acting. She and Carlei have their own YouTube channel called ``Hannah and Car``.



Carlei, age 14, will join any meal serving Caesar salad and pineapple pizza. As a child, she felt sorry for the color orange because nothing rhymed with it. She adopted orange as her favorite color so it would never be alone. Carlei has a powerful voice and enjoys singing and aspires to perform in the theatrical arena someday.



Emy, age 11, dreams of decorating the runway with her fashion creations. Drawing in a sketchbook passes much of her spare time. Many of her creations are blue because it is her favorite color. Veggie sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, or dinner will make her smile.



JoJo, age 10 and our lone boy, can feast on chips and spicy salsas all day. He spends much of his time solving cubes and has his own YouTube cubing channel. He is an avid rider and trickster on a scooter, which is green his color of choice.



Katie, age 7, loves all things purple but she prefers rainbows! She enjoys being in the kitchen and wants to be a baker when she grows up. She can out eat a rabbit in a salad eating competition, as long as it has thousand island dressing on it.